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Mon Oct 8 06:49:13 MDT 2007

Front page of today's Granma in print:

Front page of Juventud Rebelde in print:


Reflections by Cuban President Fidel Castro


I make a halt in my daily struggle to bow my head in respect and gratitude
to the exceptional combatant who fell in combat on October 8th, forty years
ago; for the example he passed on to us as leader of his Rebel Army Column,
crossing the swampy grounds of the former provinces of Oriente and
Camagüey, while being chased by enemy troops.
He was the liberator of the city of Santa Clara and the mastermind of
voluntary work; he accomplished honorable political missions abroad and
served as messenger of militant internationalism in East Congo and
Bolivia.  He built a new awareness in our America and the world.

I thank him for what he tried and failed to do in his home country, because
he was like a flower prematurely severed from its stem.

He left to us his unmistakable literary style. He was elegant, swift and
true to every detail of whatever happened to cross his mind.  He was a
predestinate, but he didn'’t know it.  He still fights with us and for us.

Yesterday, we commemorated the 31st anniversary of the killing of all
passengers and the crew of a Cubana airliner blown in mid-air, and we
are on the threshold of the tenth anniversary of the cruel and unjust
imprisonment of the five Cuban anti-terrorist heroes. We likewise bow
our heads in respect to them all.

It was with great emotion that I watched and heard the commemoration
ceremony on TV.

Fidel Castro Ruz
October 7, 2007
3:17 pm

Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
writer - photographer - activist

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