[Marxism] Huckabee's Revealing Statement

Adam adambrichmond at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 17:24:56 MDT 2007

I haven't read any reports or comments referencing Mike Huckabee's surprising and revealing statement comparing the power of the US to that of Hitler's Germany.  Huckabee was interviewed on PBS' Lehrer Newshour by Margaret Warner on 5 October 2007. 

He used a scene from Shindler's List to illustrate the "burden" of power that the US today to that of Third Reich.  This "faith, family, freedom" candidate from Arkansas sees that even a concentration camp commandant can exert power wisely. But he never refutes the assertion that U.S. (by comparison to Germany) has the right to kill whom it pleases. 

Here's the quote from the  October 5, 2007 broadcast.MIKE HUCKABEE: There's a great scene in "Schindler's List" you may remember. The commandant is talking about that he has the power to just basically take a life at will, and they were target shooting almost at some of the prisoners. It was a horrible scene. And Oskar Schindler steps in and he says, "You know what real power is? Real power is when you have every right to kill, but you don't."
And the next day, when the commandant had an opportunity to pull the trigger on someone, he purposely pulled back and said, "That's power, isn't it?" It was as if Oskar Schindler had reminded him that the power to restrain is as powerful sometimes as the power to do.
[By way of introduction to many of you, this is my first post in many years, having preferred to lurk.  I am a member of the Workers International League and formerly of Workers Action.]
Adam Richmond
San Francisco

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