[Marxism] Che's Legacy

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 10:57:09 MDT 2007

40 years is, perhaps, a good amount of time to arrive at some
conclusions that take us out of mortuory prose. In this sense, I must
say as an Argentinean and Latin American that yes, after 40 years
Ernesto Guevara de la Serna still inspires all of us through his
"unbending commitment to the struggle for human progress". However,
the legacy of "his example" is quite more complex.

2007/10/8, Jscotlive at aol.com <Jscotlive at aol.com>:
> I wrote a piece on Che. Amazing to think that after 40 years his  example and
> unbending commitment to the struggle for human progress continues to  inspire
> J

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