[Marxism] Che Omnipresent in Argentinean Media

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Mon Oct 8 19:25:42 MDT 2007

Che Omnipresent in Argentinean Media

Buenos Aires, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) As never before, Ernesto Che
Guevara's ideas and image are omnipresent in the Argentine media
Monday, on the 40th anniversary of his death in combat in Bolivia.

The daily news Page 12 dedicated its front page to the event with a
large black and white photo captioned "40 Times Che" in big block
letters and declaring he has become a standard in the struggle
against injustice worldwide.".

On the following pages it devoted six articles to the heroic
guerrilla and announced the fourth DVD of the Historic Collection of
the Cuban Revolution, "Che Guevara, Where They Never Imagined Him."

Clarin dedicated a special session to stories of his capture and his
assassination, as part of a series about the places Che visited in
Bolivia along with his friend Carlos "Calica" Ferrer and later
leading the guerrilla army until his death in 1967.

The Nation daily news emphasizes an article about Cuban President
Fidel Castro's reflections dedicated to memories of his
comrades-in-arms as well as another five notes, one about ceremonies
in Che's honor all over Latin America.

All TV channels include images of the life and work of the
Argentinean-Cuban revolutionary, passages of the Central Ceremony at
the monument in his memory in Santa Clara, Cuba and his commemoration
in Bolivia.

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