[Marxism] Indian Communists challenge nuclear initiatives

Paula Paula_cerni at msn.com
Tue Oct 9 20:47:20 MDT 2007

I noticed the following paragraph in the NY Times article posted by Louis:

"Oddly, Mr. Karat’s group has been closer to the American position on
Myanmar in that it has urged greater pressure on its military rulers. He
is fond of excoriating American policy in Iraq and equally fond of
highlighting India’s traditional strategic and cultural links with Iran."

This group is not, of course, arguing for American pressure on Myanmar, but 
for *Indian* pressure. I found a statement on 'Solidarity With the Burmese 
People's Struggle' (dated 28 September) on what appears to be their official 
website, and it reads:

"The Central [Indian] government should utilize all political and diplomatic 
channels to impress upon the [Burmese] military government to cease 
repression and to initiate talks for a democratic transition".

Their program, last updated in 2000, states that 'the United States has long 
term plans to draw India into a strategic alliance to subserve its global 
designs against China and Russia'. It reserves the term 'imperialist' for 
the US and other western powers.

The website is http://www.cpim.org.



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