[Marxism] Disgrace for England - what's the truth?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Wed Oct 10 07:40:00 MDT 2007

> For  comrades in England - I recently received this and would like to 
> respond. I  smell the same type of rat that last year circulated the story
> of Iranian 
> Jews  being forced to wear a Star of David in public, and then not giving 
> prominent  coverage to its debunking.
> Dennis Brasky
> Disgrace for  England  !! 
> This week in England every memorial of  the holocaust has been removed
> from 
> the schools study programs, arguing that it  hurts the Muslim population
> that 
> denies the holocaust . 

Yep, it is an email scam. See for the background eg:
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