[Marxism] Doris Lessing wins 2007 Nobel Prize in literature

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 11 11:22:13 MDT 2007

> But to millions she is known for "The Golden Notebook," published in
> 1962 and still a feminist classic although Lessing does not consider
> the book a political statement.

In recent years, Lessing has become rather questionable politically. 
Especially suspect is the 1985 "The Good Terrorist" which portrays 
leftist squatters in London as Soviet agents in terms familiar from V.S. 
Naipul's works.

I can endorse "The Golden Notebook", however--an altogether riveting 
study of her affair with Clancy Sigal, who I had on-and-off email 
exchanges with after trashing the movie about Frieda Kahlo that he wrote 
the screenplay for. Sigal comes across a chauvinist pig in the book, but 
I really found the character based on herself much more nuanced--as one 
might expect.

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