[Marxism] Farewell to political activism: Reflections from SouthAfrica

Paula Paula_cerni at msn.com
Thu Oct 11 16:59:41 MDT 2007

This article posted by Louis (> 
http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/comment/42869) mentions a recent 
African Union meeting in Accra where leaders called 'for a United Africa to 
be led by one president and a 2,000,000 strong army'. The author in effect 
supports that call by arguing for Pan-Africanism from below.

Although this idea has been around from the 50s, it seems to be taking a new 
lease of life. Gaddafi in Libya has been urging the immediate creation of a 
'United States of Africa'.  Other leaders tend to support the idea, but 
advocate a more slow pace of unification.

Is this a progressive project? Apparently, Gaddafi's argument is this:

"How can an African country face a Europe that is united, negotiate with a 
big USA (or Japan or China)? If we have a United States of Africa, then 
Africa can be on an equal footing and negotiate with them" (quoted in 

And similarly African 'civil society representatives' argue that in its 
present '"defederated state", Africa could never compete as an equal with 
other major economic blocs and powers, despite its vast resources of oil, 
mineral and human capital' 

Socialists will need to offer something better than this vision of huge 
economic blocs competing with each other across the globe.



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