[Marxism] Bryan Palmer speaks at NYU

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 13 13:02:59 MDT 2007

A note on Lillian Pollak's contribution:
1) A minor correction to what Louis said: Lillian added parenthetically that she later came to agree with the French turn -- which does not, however, take away from the importance of the point of her anecdote on this debate, e.g. the limitations of the movement at that point on women. She added that the role of the women in the Minneapolis strikes was important.
2) This point followed her initial and main point. She said for her Cannon reached his zenith as a Trotskyist in the 1930's. That's because, she said, that was when he went to Minneapolis to help with the strikes, to help organize, and to write for the strikers' publications. That's when, by his revolutionary work with unions, he showed he was a real Trotskyist.
As I said on another list, this warmed the cockles of my heart. It's a similar sentiment which made me stress in my review of Bryan's book what Cannon said in the '20s to try to educate the CP on how to do union work.
Lillian, by the way -- a very engaging speaker -- is writing a novel based partly on her own experiences, which promises to be a great read. She's still looking for a publisher. I mentioned to her afterward that she's in great company, e.g. with folks like Doris Lessing whose "Golden Notebook" was also based on personal experience in the communist movement (very broadly defined).
P.S. To anyone else on this list who was there and who I didn't see or recognize and didn't get a chance to say hello to: a belated hello! 
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