[Marxism] Banned in Turkey

Ernie Halfdram erniehalfdram at yahoo.ca
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It may be possible to circumvent the ban by configuring a proxy server.  In
Firefox, you would go to Tools/Options, then click the Advanced tab, then
Settings next to 'Configurer how Firefox connects to the internet'.  The
Wikipedia article on Proxy servers has links to proxy servers that may be
suitable:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server

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One of our Turkish subscribers asked why my Wordpress blog can't be read 
in Turkey. Here is the background:

Why study evolution?

Turkish creationists censor 1 million WordPress blogs

It’s an act worthy of Nicolae Ceaus,escu, or Idi Amin — but the Turkish 
creationist Adnan Oktar has taken legal action that effectively blocks 
more than a million weblogs from access in Turkey — all the blogs on 
WordPress, the host of this blog.

Here’s the general announcement to WordPress clients. This site has the 
text of the threats from Oktar’s lawyers to WordPress.

Adnan Oktar is the guy who pays people to write under the name Harun 
Yahya. Under that name he has published dozens of anti-evolution 
screeds. You may recall that, in the past year, he has financed the 
publication of an 800-page book, handsomely bound with scores of 
pictures (many of them plagiarized), claiming evolution could not 
account for features of living things. The scientifically vacuous book 
was delivered to schools and libraries across Europe in 2006, and then 
to thousands of U.S. scientists, teachers and libraries earlier in 2007.

I suggested in comments that protests should be made to the European 
Union. Turkey is working to gain admittance to the EU, and childish, 
totalitarian eruptions such as Oktar’s getting a court to censor a 
million blogs, significantly detract from Turkey’s chances and case. 
There is high irony here, too — Oktar is one of those who has willingly 
spread false claims that evolution was a cause of the Holocaust (when 
he’s not busy denying the Holocaust happened; consistency and accuracy 
are not among his strong points) — heck, just a few months ago he was 
claiming evolution is the cause of terrorism.

Do you have better ideas about what to do?

I hope the few of you who read this blog will spread this word far and fast.

Such disruptions of communication over an entire nation are the dreams 
of terrorists. Are we to understand that Adnan Oktar does this because 
Darwin convinced him? Or are his actions direct denial of his earlier 

I have been a journalist for a long time, having joined the Society of 
Professional Journalists in 1974. I spent many years in Washington, 
slugging it out against people who wished they had the power of 
censorship, and some who actually did have that power in other nations. 
I do not recall any similarly stupid activity outside of totalitarian 
governments, most of which are now gone.


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