[Marxism] focus fusion/dialectial materialism

Jeremiah Gaster jeremiaszevi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 12:37:59 MDT 2007

> From: Bob Hopson <bobhpsn at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [Marxism] Focus Fusion presentation
> Your comments about a dialectical approach to physics
> remind me of being in college and studying dialectics
> on my own, and being struck by how much more sense
> some of the concepts in my physics classes made when
> put in this context.  It occurred to me at the time
> that a basic philosophy course for science students
> that introduced dialects would help a lot, but the
> only book I've seen along these lines is called
> "Dialectical  Materialism" by Ira Gollobin.  Probably
> there are better texts, but I found that rather
> helpful.

Speaking as a marxist, i do not find the concept of dialectical materialism
to be either useful or 'good theory'.  Marxism is about class struggle and
the need to change society, not about the dialectical realtions between
atoms.  It would be nice if everything in the natural phyiscal world
conformed to the play of dialectics, but this does not a marxist theory
make.  Marxism is the study and praxis of the self-emancipation of the
proleteriat (or to be more precise, in my view marxism is the study and
praxis of the  self-emancipation of any oppressed, exploited or dominated
peoples), it doesn't matter to a marxist whether or not dialectics moves the
natural world, all that matters is that dialectics moves the social world,
that our actions are structured by dialectics and that our relations are
dialectical.  Of course, a marxist scientist may want to pursue dialectics
through science, but unless the science is applied to the social world,
these pursuits are just flights of idealogical fancy that escape the real
world of struggle.

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