[Marxism] focus fusion/dialectial materialism

Jeremiah Gaster jeremiaszevi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 07:59:56 MDT 2007

> From: "Mark Lause" <MLause at cinci.rr.com>
> Subject: Re: [Marxism] focus fusion/dialectial materialism

editing out the qouting from me....

I share this concern, but....
> Speaking as a materialist, then--and can anyone speak as a Marxist without
> speaking as a materialist--our experience of these things in the material
> world around us is certainly much more tangible than projections about
> self-emancipation, a dramatic and rare process our lived experiences.
> Therefore, aren't the latter more a matter of "idealogical fancy" than the
> former?
> ML

But my point is that for a marxist, materialism is not about the relations
between nature and humanity but the material relations between humans, and
that this is the difference between historical materialism and whatever
other kinds of materialism you can find. Furthermore, that the very nature
of marxist work is the identification, qualification and aufhebung towards
the practical work of self-emancipation.  Thus, our experience of things of
the natural world is subsumed by the experience of these things through our
lived material realtions with each other.  It is of a secondary nature, and
while this is of primary importance (the survival of humanity, and the
concern of the environmental movement), it is secondary to marxist work,
because as the famous quote by Luxemburg points out ("socialism or
barbisim"...socialism or death), without a truly socialist world, the
environmental problem will never be 'solved'.  WIthout changing our
essential relations with each other, the relations between humanity and the
natural world will not be changed either.

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