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Trotsky, Padura and love for dogs 
By: Uriel Medina 
October 15, 2007 

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.

Havana.- Storyteller, Leonardo Padura, is always news and that is due
to his being a hard-working writer, dedicated to his craft, who
researches and assumes myths and legends and returns personages and
circumstances to us as occurred with his last novel with more than
500 pages where he crafted every little detail. The central role of
"El hombre que amaba a los perros (The man who loved dogs) is none
other than Leon Trotsky.

The author confessed, in a gathering in the Unión de Escritores y
Artistas de Cuba that the story is one of his greatest obsessions and
that is why for several months he had booksellers in Havana asking
about him and, as a virtual detective, he took on contradictory and
very varied sources to draw up this novel which we will soon be able
to enjoy. The novel can be inscribed in the historical genre, with
its bit of suspense, because the key story is the murder of Trotsky
in Mexico by the Spaniard Ramón Mercader after the Russian toured
Europe until he settled in Mexico City after being expelled from the
former USSR by his archenemy, Joseph Stalin.

At the gathering in UNEAC he learned of the existence of a grandson
of Trotsky in Mexico which has sparked a new reason for his
investigation, always searching to enrich his own work, where a
blending of reality and fiction go hand in hand.

The plot is centered on a supposed meeting in Cuba, in Santa Maria
del Mar beach, between a young student of veterinary medicine and
Mercader himself, hiding under a false identity.

His passion for mysteries is not missing in his new narration that
always has a dose of literary discourse, has in Padura one of the
best in Ibero America.

A montage of parallel lines, search in language and mounted in
history, direct observation and experience of Mercader who lived for
several years with different aliases in our country, give color to
this work that we are anxiously awaiting.

Source: CubaSi


Padura Fuentes, Leonardo (1955 -)

Padura was born in Havana in 1955. In 1980 he was graduated in
Hispanic-American literature in Havana University. After an intense
period as investigative journalist, Padura changed course with the
essay Commentary of the Inca Garcilaso, Lo real maravilloso: creación
y realidad and has written scripts. In one of his last books, El
viaje mas largo, he gathers cultural chronicles, fruit of his
collaboration in the Cuban daily, Juventud Rebelde. He has been
awarded the Café Gijón Prize in 1995 and the International Award of
Crime Novels for Máscaras as well as the 1998 Hammett Prize that is
awarded annually by the International Association of Crime writers
for Paisaje de otoño.

Pasado perfect also is part of the tetrology, Las Cuatro estaciones,
that concludes with Vientos de Cuaresma (Uneac Novel Award, Cuba,
1993). All have a peculiar leading role in Lieutenant Mario Conde
who, with his crime investigations, offers us a hitherto unknown view
of daily life in today's Havana, very different to what we get in
tourism propaganda.

Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
writer - photographer - activist

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