[Marxism] Response to "Peak Water"

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Tue Oct 16 16:45:47 MDT 2007

   From Bad to Thirst

    How the nation's breadbasket is poisoning its own water supply

By Elizabeth Royte
16 Oct 2007

In late September, the corn and soybean fields of the lower Missouri 
River floodplain are a lovely dull brown, nearly ready for harvest. The 
row crops sprawl as far as the eye can see, their regimental march 
broken only by levees, gravel roads, the occasional band of cottonwoods, 
and the endless tracks of the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe. The 
scenery is pastoral and soothing. But this abundance, and the security 
it evokes, has a darker underside. The nation's breadbasket, it turns 
out, is poisoning the water.

The Mississippi River basin, which includes the Missouri River, drains 
1.83 million square miles east of the Rocky Mountains and provides 
drinking water to more than 18 million people. The river receives not 
only the effluent of all those humans, but also that of their crops and 

Of the many threats to drinking water in this region, which includes 65 
percent of America's cropland, farming is by far the worst.


Louis Proyect wrote:

>(Posted to science for the people mailing list by Marshall Ambros.)
>It would be great if people started to use less water at their home, but 
>the statement, "best Foods has swapped its dishes for paper plates and 
>foam cups," is very scary - if everyone did this than all our hills 
>would become landfills.
>It is important to fully understand who is using the water so I have 
>attached an article from the US Geological Survey which gives some 
>figures. Using this data I have calculated that, for total fresh water 
>usage in the USA:

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