[Marxism] Communist Party deligates defend socialism

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Wed Oct 17 00:41:01 MDT 2007

Walter posted:

>Communist Party delegates defend socialism
13:28, October 16, 2007

>Delegates to the ongoing 17th National Congress of
the Communist Party of China (CPC) have defended
socialism with Chinese characteristics during their
discussion of Hu Jintao's report delivered to the
Party congress on Monday.

>They say Hu's report underscores a theoretical and
ideological system that unites Chinese people of all
ethnic groups.

>At the very start of Hu's speech, he said the theme
of the congress is to "hold high the great banner of 
socialism with Chinese characteristics."...


"Socialism with Chinese characteristics" = capitalism.

The word "socialism" in the China context exactly
matches the word "democracy" in the American context: 
Both words stripped of ANY real meaning.  I expect
that an important reasons why Chinese rulers can speak
to a congress of deligates about their "market
socialism" without anyone breaking into laughter is
that the deligates are all too shit scared.

Walter, do you really take this stuff as good coin, or
are you just posting it out of interest?

Rohan G


Given that imperialism is about uneven development as
a source of surplus value and super-profits, I have
become convinced that China's goal is to be
imperialist exploiter nation.  China's very massive
investment in the 3rd World (eg. Africa) is therefore
not really counter-imperialist (think of the USSR),
but rather, inter-imperialist.


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