[Marxism] James Watson: Africans are less intelligent thanWesterners

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 17 07:04:48 MDT 2007

David Picón Álvarez wrote:
> I think this kind of issues present a serious problem. It's clear that there 
> is a lot of rationalization and what amounts to scientific racism going on. 
> That said, we also have to consider that there are certain unavoidable 
> facts:
> 1. There is intelligence variability.
> 2. Part of intelligence is inheritable.
> 3. Intelligence correlates very significantly with all sorts of things.
> 4. It appears that there are significant differences in the average 
> intelligence of different racial groups, which does not a priori imply 
> racial superiority or the opposite.
> 5. While some of these differences are quite likely environmental, probably 
> not all of them are.
> What political implications (if any) result from a normal distribution of 
> intelligence, which necessarily implies sharp intelligence differentials, is 
> a question that I am not able to answer, and which I find somewhat worrying.

This is utter garbage. If I ever read anything like this from David 
again on the list, he will be unsubbed.

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