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> Measured Lies: The Bell Curve Examined
> by Joe L. Kincheloe (Editor), Shirley R. Steinberg (Editor)
> Reviews
> Booknews, Inc., November 1, 1996
> Twenty-nine essays responding to Herrnstein and Murray's book The  
> Bell Curve arguing against its thesis point by point, chapter by  
> chapter. The contributors, distinguished scholars in their fields,  
> use the techniques of reason, logic, and evidence emphasized by The  
> Bell Curve authors without sacrificing some very powerful  
> accusations of racism, classism, sexism, and elitism. The volume  
> also features interviews with Stanley Aronowitz, and a dialogue  
> between Paulo Freire and Donaldo Macedo. Annotation c. by Book  
> News, Inc., Portland, Or.
> Synopsis
> A compilation of original essays by distinguished educators and  
> social scientists responds to the controversial racial and  
> intellectual agenda proposed by The Bell Curve, in a study that  
> includes interviews with Coretta Scott King, Jonathan Kozol, bell  
> hooks, and other notables.
> Synopsis
> In Measured Lies, the first thoughtful and reasoned reading of The  
> Bell Curve, the editors have assembled a group of the most well- 
> respected educators and social theorists writing today to provide  
> responses to Herrnstein and Murray's racial and intellectual agenda.
> The publication of Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve enraged  
> readers with its controversial racial and intellectual agenda,  
> which suggested that certain groups of children are genetically  
> unable to learn because of their race and, therefore, unworthy of  
> the educational attention and financial resources that flow from  
> federal and state governments. In Measured Lies, the first  
> thoughtful and reasoned reading of The Bell Curve, Joe Kincheloe,  
> Shirley Steinberg, and Aaron Gresson have assembled some of the  
> most well-respected educators and social theorists writing today.  
> Henry Giroux, Joyce King, Cameron McCathy, Michael Apple, Sander  
> Gilman, Peter McLaren, and many others respond to The Bell Curve  
> chapter by chapter, ultimately taking apart Herrnstein and Murray's  
> argument and exposing the measured lies on which it is based. In  
> addition, the book contains interviews with Paolo Friere, Ellen  
> Willis, Ivor Goodson, and Stanley Aronowitz. Measured Lies is a  
> searing indictment of racism and the way individuals can use it to  
> subvert truth and amass power.
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> This is utter garbage. If I ever read anything like this from David
> again on the list, he will be unsubbed.
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