[Marxism] Communist Party deligates defend socialism

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Wed Oct 17 09:28:19 MDT 2007

Nestor wrote:
   "Socialism" in China means, essentially and firstly, absence of
   foreign control of the Chinese state."
   "This is quite meaningful for the average Chinese, you may be sure of 
   that. Reality is a dialectical thing. Black and white coexist and mingle 
    all the time."
Sure is…a a new synthesis is developed at of that dialectical 'thing'…
what do you suppose that means in the context of Chinese capitalism?
"Socialism" in China has NO meaning. There is no "essentially and firstly" 
because the Chinese state is organized to assure the smoothes flow of 
capital investment in AND out of China and to make sure the rate of profit 
remains favorable to the Chinese. "Control" by foreigners is hardly poised 
when foreigners can have more access to investment than the average 
Chinese citizen.

"Socialism" in the context of the article Walter posted seems to have the 
same meaning as when the delegates to the convention of the British Labour 
Party used to sing "The Workers Flag Is Deepest Red"...sounds pretty but means
just the opposite.


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