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India’s Nuclear Track Record
1947: India Gains independence from Britain.
1948: Indian government passes the Atomic Energy Act,
the beginning of its nuclear programme.
1955: Canada agrees to supply India a powerful 40-MW
research reactor, CIR (Canadian-Indian Reactor), under
the Colombo Plan to be used by India for peaceful
purposes only. 
With British assistance, construction begins on
India’s first reactor, the 1-MW pool type research
reactor, Apsara.
1956, March: The US agrees to supply heavy water for
CIR, now known as CIRUS.
          August: The Apasara becomes India’s first
operational reactor.
1960, July: CIRUS starts operating.
1962: India predicts 20 – 25 GW electricity from
nuclear reactors by 1987.
1969: India predicts 43.5 GW electricity from nuclear
power plants by 2000.
1972: India starts work on a pilot-scale Fast Breeder
Test Reactor, to become operational by 1976. But
delayed till October 1985.
1974, May 18: India carries out its first nuclear
explosion in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Calls it PNE or
peaceful nuclear explosion.
1975: The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is formed to
tackle diversion of nuclear resources meant to be used
for peaceful purposes for weapons development in
response to Pokhran explosion by India.
1987: India’s nuclear-generated electricity production
capacity reaches 950 MW (as against the earlier
prediction of 20,000 – 25,000 MW made in 1962.)
1998, May 11 & 13: India carries out 5 more nuclear
explosions, after the first one in 1974. Openly calls
these tests as nuclear weapon tests.
          May 28 & 30: Pakistan follows suit with 6
tests. Claims to have squared the account with India.
2000: India’s nuclear-generated electricity capacity
is 2.7 GW (as against earlier predicted 43.5 GW made
in 1969.)
For the first time India’s Fast Breeder Test Reactor
operates continuously for 53 days.
Bill Clinton visits India. The first US President in
22 years.
2001, September: The US lifts sanctions on India and
Pakistan imposed in the wake of May 1998.
2004, October: India begins construction of its first
industrial-scale breeder reactor – the Prototype Fast
Breeder Reactor.
2006: The DAE predicts India would produce 20 GW of
nuclear energy by 2020 and more than 200 GW by 2052.
On December 18, The US President Bush signs the Hyde
Act, a major step in the direction of reintegrating
India with global nuclear market.
2007: India’s current electricity generation capacity
is about 4 GW out of total electricity generation
capacity of about 140 GW, just about 3%.
[Source: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/jul07/5277/nuke]

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