[Marxism] The class nature of the Chinese state

Haines Brown brownh at hartford-hwp.com
Fri Oct 19 12:47:05 MDT 2007

Aha, you are right :-(. I was looking for a signature for the message,
not exporing this header:

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For a variety of reasons, I use a plain text-based mail reader,
although as you may hint, my web browser, which is Iceweasel, is the
same as Firefox, and there is an associated graphical mail utility,
Icedove (replacing Thunderbird) that I could install (in 30 seconds at
no cost, of course).

But this OT aside does bring up the important issue of security. I'm
not the paranoid kind, but I assume that every recent Windows
operating system has been compromised. Don't you remember from many
years ago when Microsoft was putting personal information into a
database and then claimed it was unaware of the database existed? How
about the recent case of Verizon which fell all over itself to supply
personal data to the state without warrant? Are people all avoiding
Hotmail and AOL for the same reason? 

I'd like to see an assessment of security issues for the left in a
different thread, but I'll not start it myself. How many of us feel
the need of a hardware firewall? A trojan detector? Moving away from
Microsoft, Hotmail, AOL? There are a number of countries that have
abandoned Microsoft because of security concerns, and so shouldn;t the
left here also take heed?

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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