[Marxism] Is China imperialist? [was: Communist Party deligates defend socialism]

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 20:38:38 MDT 2007

Rohan writes: 

"Given that imperialism is about uneven development as
a source of surplus value and super-profits, I have
become convinced that China's goal is to be
imperialist exploiter nation.  China's very massive
investment in the 3rd World (eg. Africa) is therefore
not really counter-imperialist (think of the USSR),
but rather, inter-imperialist."

Excuse me, but "imperialism" is not about "uneven development." It is about
the division of the world between a handful of depraved ecocidal rapist
savage nations, mostly infested by descendants of people too stupid to get
out of Europe when the last ice age came, and a big majority of oppressed
and exploited peoples, nations and territories.

As for "China's goal," dominating the entire globe is the goal of every
capitalist enterprise, M-C-M', like duh... That is the way the battle is
waged between the capitalists, as if in the end there can be only one. But
between that being the nature of capitalist enterprises and "China's goal"
there is the intermediation of REALITY.

So just how "very massive" is China's direct foreign investment in Africa?

According to the World Bank, a colossal ... $1.16 billion as of 2006. 

What the U.S. spends on the Iraq War in four days. 

A lot less than the $1.5-$2 billion Pinnacle Entertainment Inc, will spend
to build just ONE casino-hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the lot
where the Sands Hotel stood until Thursday night. 

And the overwhelming majority of this direct investment (80% according to
one figure I read) is in the oil industry, which is of tremendous benefit to
African countries that otherwise find themselves at the mercy of imperialist
robber-barons --the real ones-- when it comes to exploiting petroleum
resources. And obviously has strategic importance for China. And a number of
these are barter deals.

As a yardstick for measuring China's direct investment in Africa of over a
billion dollars, consider that Mexican Carlos Slim makes an estimated 27
million a day thanks to the PRI having given him the telephone monopoly. In
40 days Slim makes as much as China has directly invested in Africa. And
Slim is Mexican, he lives in Mexico, shouldn't this make Mexico an
imperialist power? Slim owns CompUSA, was MCI's largest shareholder for a
time, has been on the board of directors of Phillip Morris (now Altria), SBC
communications, Alcatel and various other imperialist companies. 

I suspect this ONE Mexican has a lot MORE direct foreign investments than
ALL the Chinese capitalists do EVERYWHERE if you were to add them all up.


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