[Marxism] Chavez, Uribe and Correa Inaugurate Gas Pipeline

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(Common interest acts as a counterweight to ideological divergences,
at least on some levels, as this indicates.)

Chavez, Uribe and Correa Inaugurate Gas Pipeline
The bi-national Colombian pumping station was constructed by Colombia and

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BOGOTA. - The presidents of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, Venezuela, Hugo
Chavez and Ecuador, Rafael Correa, inaugurated, the Colombian pumping
station of the bi-national gas pipeline constructed by both the first
two countries, in Manaure.

The dignitaries opened the valves that let the gas extracted from the
Colombian Caribbean flow and that will supply consumers in Maracaibo,
Venezuela, reported EFE.

The section of the Transoceanic Gas Pipeline, with 26 inch diameter
pipes, extends 224.4 kilometers from the gas fields of Ballenas, in
Colombia, to the city of Maracaibo, and was built with an investment
of over 460 million dollars.

In Venezuelan territory there will be ten pumping stations and, of
those, four are terminals (Bajo Grande, Rafael Urdaneta, Ramón Laguna
and Majayura) and six sections (El Cerro, Río Limón, Siloé, Tulé, La
Concepción and Los Cortijos), reports PL. For its part, Colombia will
have the Ballenas terminal station and three sections (Marauasahu,
Four Vías and Charapilla).

In the first three years up to 150 million cubic feet of gas will be
transported to Venezuela, and later the fuel flow will be reversed
with about 200 million cubic feet directed to the Colombian market.
The medium term prospects aim, in addition, to extend the pipeline to
other destinations, because it has a potential capacity that could
reach 500 million cubic feet daily.

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