[Marxism] The fight inside Respect

Ethan Young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 20 21:29:11 MDT 2007

I call readers' attention to the current fight in the
UK electoral group Respect. The group is the most 
successful attempt at a left alternative to Labour,
having elected George Galloway, an outspoken critic
of the war and defender of Muslim communities, to
Parliament. The group also includes the SWP, the UK's 
largest Leninist formation which formerly affiliated
[being polite here] with the ISO.

The fight comes down around the role of the SWP, which
has dominated the national office and is now accused
of engaging in rule-or-ruin tactics. Criticisms of SWP
from leading Respect members, including Galloway and 
Muslim activist Salma Yaqoob, have led to a showdown.
Several long-time SWP members who challenged their
leaders' circle-the-wagons line were summarilly
expelled. Things are coming to a head fast, but the
story unfolds in a series of posts at the left blog

Since many Respect members are experienced with
the Bolshevik-wannabe approach to broad groups,
the response has been less dismay than determination
to get things in order in democratic fashion. There may 
be some useful lessons for the US left.

ethan young

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