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It made me feel as I have sometimes done after a night out, standing on  the 
platform at Piccadilly circus and starting to wish I hadn't had that last  
double brandy-Matthew Engel    
There will be another election next year. Mayor Livingstone has far fewer  
powers than, for example, Mayor Bloomberg has in New York, but far more  control 
than he has over critical issues such as transport and planning. 
Plus he is supposed to promote London internationally. Of course an  elected 
mayor is by no means a new concept. 
The square mile or so that forms the City of London has been electing its  
mayors since at least 1189, when Henry Fitz-Ailwyn held the position. 
As I understand it, the City is far more interested in expanding heliport  
facilties near Canary Wharf and the imminent arrival of a fab restaurant at  
Battersea Heliport than it is with an additional runway at  Heathrow-Mrs  

New York Times recently announced that almost all its online material  would 
now be  free. FT.com has just moved to a system for occasional  visitors. And 
Murdoch has strongly hinted that the Journal might do something  similar. The 
theory is that advertising revenue will outstrip subscription  revenue-Tim 

"Cheese-eating surrender monkeys"-the memorable line used by Bolton  coined 
for the French after they had voted against the Iraq war at the  UN-Edward Luce
Researchers at Tufts University in Massachusetts are using functional  
near-infrared spectroscopy, which uses light beams to monitor blood flow to  the 
brain to determine an individuals state of mind.
According to Planet Retail, Britons spent £120mn on Halloween in 2006,  
compared with £12mn five years before, the market is now worth £25mn. 
Once known as Hallowtide: a cluster of customs arising from the Celtic  
celebration called Samhain, which marked the turning of the year and the  beginning 
of winter. 
Samhain was associated with the lighting of fires to honour the dead and  to 
defy malevolent spirits. 
The Church both denounced the festivals of Samhain as diabolic and sought  to 
appropriate aspects of them in the shape of All Saints Day on November  
1-Andrew Martin.
Fifty years ago this month, Sputnik shocked the western world with its  
modest beep-beep-beeping. 
As far as the  US government was concerned, that basketball-sized  metal ball 
flying overhead meant the sky was falling. 
If the Russians could lob a payload, however small, into orbit, that  meant 
they could drop a bomb wherever they pleased. 
In response, the Eisenhower administration created the National  Areonautics 
and Space Administration-Michael Belfiore.
The Shock Doctrine; The Rise of Disaster  Capitalism-Naomi Klein.
Taste: The Story of Britain Through its Cooking-Kate  Colquhoun.   
Life on Air:History of Radio Four-David Hendy.

Back in the ice ages our ancestors were cutting notches on bones to  make a 
lunar calendar. 
Just before the French Revolution, there were a quarter of a million  
different measures. 
Faced with this metrological madness, the revolutionaries came up with  the 
100 second minute, the 100 minute hour and the 10 hour day-a system that  
lasted about 10 (60 second) minutes
The Story of  Measurement-Andrew Robinson. 
In the 1990s, estate agents would cite the arrival of a tapas bar on the  
local high street as a tipping point in an area's journey from "affordable" to  
"up-and-coming"-Jerry Andrews.
Pablo Casals and the resurrection of Bach's Cello Suites. 
He died in 1973 aged 96. He lived with Bach's music, playing it on the  piano 
at the start of every day-Andrew  Clark-FT-Magazine21/10/2007

Study by an Israeli psychologist into the violent behaviour of the  country's 
soldiers is provoking bitter controversey and has awakened urgent  questions 
about the way the army conducts itself in the Gaza Strip and West  Bank. 
"from the moment you go through the Erez checkpoint into the Gaza strip  you 
are the law. You are God. When one of them spat at me. I gave  her  rifle butt 
in the face. "With women I have no problem. With women,  one threw a clog at 
me and I kicked her (in the crotch).I broke everything  there.She can't have 
children. Israeli troops did not have the training to  react to confrontation 
20 years ago. 

After weeks of campaigning that have seen in Poland the Kaczynski's  Law and 
Justice party (PiS) has been in the lead, but the latest polls suggest  that 
their rivals in the Civic Platform will win the elections  today.

Who tried to kill Benazir Bhutto? 
What are the long-term implications? 
The most important is that state institutions, such as the army and  
intelligence services-whether they were involved or not- are unaccountable,  
underlining the fragility of the political system.
Menzies was also an important voice raised against Guatanamo Bay and  
"extraordinary rendition", that ghastly euphemism for state-sanctioned  kidnapping 
and torture.-Andrew Rawnsley.   
The Transform Drug Policy Foundation says the government's consultation  on a 
new 10-year drugs strategy is a "sham" and warns that the current policy  is 
fuelling a crime epidemic. 
The political benefits of pursuing prohibition are now waning and the  
political costs of its continuation are becoming unsustainable. 
That drug prohibition has allowed organised crime to control the market  and 
criminalised millions of users, putting a huge strain on the justice  system.

Trustees of the Cutty Sark are facing a £16mn funding crisis. It was  built 
in 1869 for the tea trade with China Its unique hull design made it one  of the 
world's fastest ships.
Katine, is a small village of 1,500 people in north-east Uganda where  three 
in four families live on less than a dollar a day, eking out a  precarious 
existence through subsistence farming.  
Water is drawn from wells or boreholes and is seldom safe enough to  drink, 
but people drink it anyway.

Confidential Camelot foundation minutes obtained by the Observer show  the 
issues of funding new projects and taking on staff were discussed in July  and 
September. But Camelot directors attending these meetings did not tell  their 
fellow foundation board members there would be no more money.
Only one in six patients who have a bad experience of the NHS complains  
because most see no point. 
Of those who did not complain, 57% did not do so because they thought it  
would make no difference and 32% because they feared and future care they  might 
need wuld be affected-Which research.
A fresh row over party funding erupted last night after the government  
proposed a cap on the so-called "Ashcroft millions" provided by a  multi-miilonaire 
Tory peer to fund candidates in marginal  constituencies.

Some 300,000 volunteers help to organise and collect for the Poppy  Appeal 
each year. They distribute around 36mn poppies, 100,000 wreaths and  sprays and 
750,000 remembrance crosses. Last year's appeal raised a record  £2mn, a third 
of the £75.5mn required to carry on the British Legion's  

Ghanaian farmers are the 45,000 shareholders in Kuapa Kokoo co-operative  who 
together own 45% of Divine Chocolate-a company with 16 employees based in  
south London, they had a turnover of £10mn this year-Enterprising  Solutions 

Finance ministers from the G7 nations issued a blunt warning this weekend  
that rising energy costs and the American housing crisis will put the brakes  on 
the global economy over the next 12 months, as oil prices surged towards  
$100 a barrel. 
Britains housing market is at a turning point, with an average home now  
worth nine times average earnings, and millions of borrowers facing rising  
repayments as their fixed-rate mortgage deals end.

Students at the LSE have put pressure on City banks  to pay  their cleaners a 
living wage. After winning a pay rise for LSE cleaners, they  have turned 
their attention to scrutinising the behaviour of firms vying to  recruit LSE 

Over the past two decades US housing has become less a means of  securing an 
affordable place to live with the prospect of a solid bricks and  mortar 
investment for your old age and more a means of get-rich-quick  speculation. 
Housebuilding slumped to its lowest level in 14 years. 
Housing starts in September were 10.2% lower than those in September last  
year, the worst performance since 1992.
London Evening Standard's paid-for sales were up 9.7% on August. But  nearly 
40,000 down on September  2006-Business-Observer21/10/2007
As opium harvests in Afghanistan have increased, some politicians and  think 
tanks have raised a tenchant question: rather than trying to eradicate  the 
poppies why not,instead buy them and make morphine. 
The WHO estimates that over 6.2mn of the world's poor are dying of  cancer, 
AIDs, burns and wounds without adequate pain relief. 
The crop, two years ago could have been purchased for $600mn and now for  
about $1bn-New York Times Supplement-Observer21/10/2007  

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