[Marxism] The Iranian House of Latin America visits Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

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The Iranian House of Latin America visits Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

The non-governmental organization promotes 
Iranian cultural ties with the peoples of Latin American

By: Marina Menéndez Quintero
Email: mmenendez at jrebelde.cip.cu
October 21, 2007 00:39:52 GMT

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela. Edited by Walter Lippmann.


Any person with a clean soul should believe in values such as
justice, equality and liberty and the peoples of Latin America –
after moving away from a neo liberal model – have demonstrated their
faith in these principles, grasped also by the Muslim peoples of the
Middle East. That is the conviction that supports the work of the
Iranian House of Latin America (HOLA) to strengthen a unity which, it
considers, relies on a communion of values between both latitudes.

For this purpose, two of its representatives Amir Tafreshi and Salim
Ghafouri, visit Cuba before continuing on to Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“When the bonds between peoples are strong, political relationships
cannot be broken by any error,” they explain.

The non-governmental organization, HOLA, with this conviction, has,
among its priorities, the promotion of cultural ties of Iran with the
peoples of Latin America. The visit to the island aims to promote
joint cooperation in this field and for which they are meeting here
with personalities and institutions that can help.

“If we want these ties between the two peoples to be long lasting, we
must base them on cultural aspects – they affirm – and these can only
be created among persons.

“We are working in that direction and use all the media possible:
films, music, visual arts and everything that can introduce our
culture in Latin America and, at the same time, take Latin American
culture to Iran. We must only know how to do it and what is the
correct manner to understand and know each other better.”

In their opinion, imperial propaganda intends to demonize their
country and has also presented a very negative point of view about
Cuba; they intend to separate us. “They know that if we unite we can
create a very strong front on the basis of human values.”

“We must stand strong.”

The visit of Amir Tafreshi and Salim Ghafouri to JR is a good
opportunity to ask about events in Iran. The most recent: the speech
by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations General
Assembly and his fiery answer to the aggression against his person at
Colombia University after an invitation by the director of the
institution to visit the New York university.

“Upon his return to Iran many people went to receive him at the
airport although the government had said it was not necessary.”

They recall how Colombia University “planned to humiliate our
President, the representative of our people.

“They placed screens and televisions in plazas and public places to
show how our president was humiliated. But the action turned against
them and the plan to humiliate Ahmadinejad turned against Bush,” they

— How can your country assume living under a constant threat of
aggression by Washington?

— These pretexts of the United States to find a means to attack Iran
are not new. Several years before, with different pretexts, they
attacked Iraq. Experience has shown us that the only intention of the
US government is to dominate the Middle East.

“The Islamic Revolution of Iran confronts US arrogance and that is
why we must be strong. For that reason, also, people in Iran have
decided to stand behind their government at all times. The majority
thinks like this and is prepared to defend their nation when
necessary. If they attack us they are going to face something much
more terrible than what they faced in Vietnam. It will be a very
bitter experience for them.”

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba
"Un paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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