[Marxism] capitalism in china and....?

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Sun Oct 21 13:01:57 MDT 2007

	I hate to say it but I think there is another point that has been 
overlooked in the discussion of what David has called 'Walter's 
obsession in seeing China as not capitalist'. (I hate to say this 
because I greatly value the service Walter performs in disseminating 
important news about what is happening in Cuba.) If Walter can not 
see what is happening in China, and if he refuses to examine the 
relations of production or to study what others have demonstrated 
about developments there, then can we trust that he will be able to 
discern the emergence of similar tendencies in Cuba?
	There is an important debate (which is to say, struggle of lines) 
occurring in Cuba right now, and how that will be resolved ultimately 
is unclear. Obviously, even in the worse case scenario, Cuba will not 
mimic China precisely. (I commented in the Marx Conference in Havana 
over 4 years ago that it was easy to follow the Chinese model--- all 
you need is 500 million peasants to oppress to drive into the cities 
where they can be exploited at low wages by multinational 
corporations.) Happily, that worse case scenario has not occurred 
yet-- although the tendencies are present. But, if Cuba does start 
down the Chinese path with Cuban dance steps, will Walter's judgement 
be reliable? And, if anyone points this out, will we be accused of 
carrying out a 'campaign' against Cuba?
	Really, this is a plea to Walter to stop telling us what he used to 
believe in whatever groups he was in or what other hated groups 
believed--- and, instead, do what a Marxist should do: study the 
relations of production in China and elsewhere concretely.
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