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Weekly Newsletter of the Centre for Latin America Solidarity & Studies (CLASS)
October 21

The Latin America & Asia Pacific International Solidarity Forum held on October 11-14 in Melbourne was a a huge success with over 400 people participating in discussions regarding the movements against neo-liberalism and discussing ways in which to take the solidarity movement further. CLASS held a number of very successfull workshops and also initiated meetings to discuss Colombia Solidarity work, a new theoretical journal of Latin America Solidarity and Studies and a new online radio podcast,Radio Veneceremos. Please find details of these projects below.

You can also read the final statement adopted by the conference. We would like to encourage people to get involved in the activities of CLASS and the various activities of other solidarity organisations that also supported the conference.

Melbourne Australia, 14 October 2007

We came and met together from many different countries. 

We came because we are some of those who have to struggle. 

We have to fight the capitalists. We have to fight and win. 

To fight we need to meet, and talk about our problems.

The ways we get defeated, the ways in which we are winning. 

We have to talk together about our common struggle:

The issues that unite us, and where we don't agree.

We need to make a plan that is a clear way forward. 

The world is really ours. But capitalists have stolen it. 

They steal the land, they steal the sea.

They steal the deserts and the forests. They even ruin the climate.

They steal resources, and the products of our work.

They steal our time, our health, our money and our lives.

They steal our freedom and our rights.

They steal our families and cultures.

They steal our dreams and smiles.

They steal our houses, our factories, our villages and cities.

They smash whole countries. They stop the chance of peace.

They steal the future from all children. 

We have to stop this plunder. 

Today we talked together. Today is a step forward.

Today we said together: United we can win. 

We send our message out to comrades who are far, to say we'll talk again:

We will build our plans - to win the biggest struggle.

We send out our commitment to stand with you again. 

Another world is possible. Another world is ready. 

Together we will win.

New journal of theory, comment & culture
  At the Latin America & Asia Pacific International Solidarity Forum CLASS
organised a very successful meeting of Australian and overseas
participants interested in establishing a new journal of theory,
comment & culture.

The meeting decided to launch a new journal aimed at bringing to our
Asia-Pacific region some of the theoretical debate and revival of
theory now taking place in Latin American movements and left
organisations. The journal will be published in English.

The journal will be organised around an editorial collective.

If you are interested in participating in this project or receving more information, please contact Jorge Jorquera


(RV) is a new online radio project involving the Centre for Latin
America Solidarity & Studies (CLASS) and the Adelaide branch of the
Australian Venezuela Solidarity Network.

RV will aim to provide weekly updates on Venezuela, Colombia,
Bolivia and all the struggles and community organising increasingly
taking place in Latin America.

RV is an English language online radio that aims to produce regular
radio shows, special reports and radio documentaries, as well as video,
including English subtitled versions of Alo Presidente, the regular TV
program of Hugo Chavez.

To contact RV email production at radiovenceremos.org
For more information please contact info at latinamericasolidarity.org
 or visit www.latinamericasolidarity.org


Weekly Newsletter of the Centre for Latin America Solidarity & Studies (CLASS)

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