[Marxism] Iran Jews respond to Israeli provocation with loyalty pledge

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Oct 21 20:35:59 MDT 2007

The US government and its Israeli allies and subordinates will claim the
Jewish organizations of Iran were forced to do this, but I am inclined to
think otherwise.  The patriotism of Iranian Jews is of long -- indeed long,
long -- standing and I think this is an authentic expression. Whatever the
war propaganda makes of it (probably this will be ignored in the US press)
the Iranian Jwws' stand against being forced out of their historic homeland
by threats of destruction backed by bribes is a moral blow against the US
war drive against Iran.

Tanx and a tip of the Feldman hat to Tony Greenstein of the UK Left Network
list for circulating this important item.
Fred Feldman


Iran's Jews spurn cash lure to emigrate to Israel Robert Tait in Tehran
Friday July 13, 2007
The Guardian 

Iran's Jews have given the country a loyalty pledge in the face of cash
offers aimed at encouraging them to move to Israel, the arch-enemy of its
Islamic rulers. The incentives - ranging from £5,000 a person to £30,000 for
families - were offered from a special fund established by wealthy
expatriate Jews in an effort to prompt a mass migration to Israel among
Iran's 25,000-strong Jewish community. The offers were made with Israel's
official blessing and were additional to the usual state packages it
provides to Jews emigrating from the diaspora. 

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