[Marxism] Nietzsche's Encounters with Wagner

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Oct 22 15:44:33 MDT 2007

I actually did not mean to be dismissing.  I glanced over the article, did
not think it postmodernist, and did not describe it as such.  However, I do
think that its attempt to get to real issues ended tangled in similar terms
that contain conflicting definitions.  Nietzsche was simply not an elitist
in the same sense that Wagner was.  The former should be read and
appreciated on his own terms, and, more than most, he's hard to appreciate
any other way.

Engels got more religious in his approach to Marxism as he got older, and,
imho, it was reflected in some major failures.  To start with, not only
would I not accuse you of being an apostate from Marxism, but think we all
need to think much more critically about it.  Most of what constitutes
Marxism predated Marx anyway and that the firewall Engels tried to raise
between Marxism and earlier socialism is essentially mistaken.

The anarchists--who really came to appreciate Nietzsche much more than those
in the Marxist tradition--understood that the great distinction between the
needs of the individual and of society is overgeneralized into what amounts
to an entirely an entirely artificial dichotomy.

That distinction of anarchist and socialist strikes me as just as confused
as that between socialism "scientific" and "utopian."


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