[Marxism] Class nature of the Chinese state

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 03:55:27 MDT 2007

> 2. Is China imperialist? Fred Feldman
> I have been troubled for quite a while by what seems to me to be the
> theoretical primitiveness of the discussions on our list of whether such and
> such a "formerly" semicolonial country -- China, Brazil, India, Pakistan,
> Venezuela, South Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Saudi
> Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ireland, Turkey, Thailand,
> United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Uganda -- has become imperialist.

Is the list complete?

Some L.American Leftists are already on the brink of describing
Venezuela as "imperialist" (not few in Venezuela itself, under the
cover of "why does Chávez invest so much money in South America and
not in the Venezuelan people?"

And, though I am sure I am touching a sore point: what about South
Africa? Is South Africa a semicolony, a very particular case of a
semicolony, or is it an imperialist country of its own? The question
is particularly serious since the end of Apartheid. Is the newly
fanged Black bourgeoisie slowly arising in South Africa an imperialist

Just asking. Not propping up any answer. Others are better placed than
yours truly to give such answers, and I am ready to learn. As always
and unlike some.

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