[Marxism] The class nature of the Chinese state

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at antares.com.br
Wed Oct 24 07:31:15 MDT 2007

Paula wrote, 23 Oct 2007:

"My interpretation is that the current Iraq
and Afghanistan wars are inter-imperialist, in so far as a key US aim is to
prevent rivals - mostly Iran, Russia and China - from becoming dominant in
the region. Whether or not all this develops into a direct confrontation is
still an open (and very frightening) question."

But then Paula, what you forget is that the significant trait of imperialist 
dominance is the command over _Finance Capital_ and that Iran , Russia or 
China have command over a limited amount of it, something that hampers 
decisively the prospective development of their productive forces: were it 
not for that, e.g. Iran would have developed a productive basis allowing it 
to refine more of the crude oil it produces. AFAIK, Brazil has a more 
developed basis of productive forces than Iran on all counts (Brazil has 
mastered uranium-enriching technology, for instance, in the mid-1980s) and 
I'am dead sure Brazil cannot be ranked among the imperialist countries in a 
fair cry, unless you count some disjointed adventures such as the Petrobras 
fiasco in acting as a spearhead for imperialist  oil multinationals Bolivia 
as an imperialist endeavor...


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