[Marxism] Chinese Scholar Speaks Out on Failure of US Blockade

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 24 16:36:45 MDT 2007

Chinese Scholar Speaks Out on Failure of US Blockade

Havana, Oct 24 (acn) Professor Xu Shicheng, from the Social Sciences 
Academy of China, has said that the increasing number of countries that 
vote in favor of Cuba at the United Nations General Assembly shows the 
failure of Washington's aggressive policy against the island.

In statements to Prensa Latina news agency, the Chinese expert in Latin 
American affairs noted the overwhelming majority of the UN member 
states that, at each of the last 15 meetings, have condemned the 
economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United 
States against Cuba for more than 45 years.

Xu Shicheng, who has written several studies on Latin America, pointed 
out that only a few countries support the White House's restrictive 
measures against the island. He also recalled that, since 1959, the US 
has adopted a hostile policy towards the triumphant Cuban Revolution, 
which included the bombing of several sugar mills and the Bay of Pigs 
military invasion in 1961.

"Washington also tried to isolate the Cuban Revolution by forcing most 
Latin American nations to break diplomatic relations with the island.

But the US have failed in their attempts, since Cuba currently has 
bilateral relations with 180 countries around the world," stressed Xu 

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba
"Un paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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