[Marxism] Protests planned for Coulter appearance at USC

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 24 17:30:31 MDT 2007

 > Subject: Protests Planned to Oppose Appearance by Ann Coulter at USC 
 > National Project in Defense of Dissent and Critical
 > Thinking in Academia
 > October 24, 2007
 > Contact:
 > Reggie Dylan: (626) 319-1730
 > Email: criticalxthinking at yahoo.com
 > Website: www.defendcriticalthinking.org
 > Protests Planned to Oppose Appearance by Ann Coulter
 > at USC tonight
 > Broad Opposition is mountng by students, scholars and
 > organizations around the Los Angeles area to Ann
 > Coulter’s talk at USC tonight. She is speaking as part
 > of David Horowitz's Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week
 > (IFAW). Billed as the "largest conservative student
 > protest ever," IFAW has faced strong opposition since
 > it was announced.
 > The National Project to Defend Dissent and Critical
 > Thinking in Academia will join The Council on
 > American-Islamic Relations Greater Los Angeles Area,
 > Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace,
 > along with USC student groups at their silent vigil at
 > 5:15 followed by a speakout at 6:30. These will be
 > held outside Annenberg Auditorium at USC, where
 > Coulter is speaking.
 > Those opposing the Coulter appearance believe she is
 > playing a deliberate role in coarsening the discourse
 > about the most important questions confronting the
 > country, and giving legitimacy to the crude racist and
 > chauvinist sentiments and forces IFAW seeks to
 > mobilize. They see her appearance and IFAW as directly
 > aimed at creating public opinion for war with Iran.
 > Ann Coulter has said that women shouldn't be allowed
 > to vote, that the Emancipation Proclamation should be
 > repealed, that in her ideal society everyone would be
 > christian and that Jews need to be "perfected." For
 > this David Horowitz describes her as "a National
 > Treasure."
 > Coulter has also said of Islamic regimes that “We
 > should invade their countries, kill their leaders and
 > convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious
 > about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top
 > officers. We carpet- bombed German cities; we killed
 > civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”
 > Coulter was originally scheduled to speak at UC Irvine
 > as well. Though her speech was recently canceled, a
 > petition initiated by UCI faculty condemning IFAW as
 > promoting “ignorance and chauvinism” has received more
 > that 1300 signatures. At Tulane, students circulated a
 > petition in opposition to Ann Coulter's talk there,
 > saying that it is "an event encouraging violence and
 > hate towards members of our community."
 > On Tuesday at UCLA, Professors Peter McLaren and Juan
 > Gomez Quinones, and Larry Everest, author of Oil,
 > Power, and Empire spoke a forum at UCLA Tuesday
 > entitled "Why we need to expose and oppose David
 > Horowitz and Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week."
 > Students at UCLA are organizing opposition to a
 > speech, also tonight, by Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian
 > convert to Christian fundamentalism who has said,
 > “Islam is cruel, anti-women, anti-religious freedom
 > and anti-personal freedom in general."
 > The National Project to Defend Dissent and Critical
 > Thinking in Academia (www.defendcriticalthinking.org)
 > has been reporting on student and faculty plans
 > opposing IFAW on campuses across the country.
 > -----------------------------
 > For more information and to arrange interviews about
 > today’s events in opposition to the appearance of Ann
 > Coulter at USC, and Nonie Darwish at UCLA, contact:
 > Reggie Dylan: (626) 319-1730,
 > criticalxthinking at yahoo.com
 > Dylan is the spokesperson for The National Project to
 > Defend Dissent and Critical Thinking in Academia
 > Other contacts to be interviewed about today’s events
 > are:
 > Noam Chomsky: (617) 253-7819, chomsky at mit.edu
 > Noam Chomsky is one of America's most prominent
 > political dissidents. A renowned professor of
 > linguistics at MIT, he has authored over 30 political
 > books dissecting such issues as U.S. interventionism
 > in the developing world, the political economy of
 > human rights and the propaganda role of corporate
 > media. Chomsky is not available for television
 > interviews at this time.
 > Carol Downer: (323) 547-4119
 > One of the Founders of the Feminist Women’s Health
 > Centers in 1971.  Since that time she has been active
 > in the self-help movement, and is currently on the
 > board of the Feminist Women’s Health Center of
 > Northern California.
 > Larry Everest: (510) 684.2104,
 > larryeverest at hotmail.com
 > Larry Everest's most recent work is Oil, Power &
 > Empire: Iraq and the US Global Agenda (Common Courage
 > Press, 2003).
 > Peter McLaren: reach through (626) 319-1730,
 > mclaren at gseis.ucla.edu
 > McLaren is internationally recognized as one of the
 > leading architects of critical pedagogy worldwide. He
 > has developed a reputation for his uncompromising
 > political analysis influenced by a Marxist humanist
 > philosophy and a unique literary style of expression.
 > McLaren is currently Professor of Education, Graduate
 > School of Education and Information Studies,
 > University of California, Los Angeles, United States.
 > He is singled out for attack at Horowitz’s
 > Frontpagemag.com
 > Sunsara Taylor: (626) 319-1730,
 > sunsarasworld at yahoo.com
 > Sunsara Taylor writes for Revolution newspaper and
 > sits on the Advisory Board of The World Can’t
 > Wait—Drive Out the Bush Regime. She has appeared on/in
 > The New York Times, The O'Reilly Factor, CNN's Showbiz
 > Tonight, Fox's Hannity & Colmes, Fox & Friends, the
 > Alan Colmes Radio Show, and her writing has appeared
 > in Revolution (revcom.us), TruthDig.com, TruthOut.org,
 > CounterPunch.org, OnlineJournal.com, OpEdNews.com,
 > SmirkingChimp.com, and numerous blogs.
 > John K. Wilson: (773) 227-8136, (773) 606-7830 (cell),
 > collegefreedom at yahoo.com
 > Founder, Institute for College Freedom,
 > www.collegefreedom.org, collegefreedom.blogspot.com:
 > Author, "Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and
 > Its Enemies" (Paradigm Publishers, December 2007):
 > Author, "Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest"
 > (Paradigm Publishers, October 2007),
 > www.obamapolitics.com

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