[Marxism] Ecuador wants military base in Miami

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Wed Oct 24 21:26:22 MDT 2007


Ecuador wants military base in Miami

By Phil Stewart
Mon Oct 22, 2007

NAPLES (Reuters) - Ecuador's leftist President Rafael Correa said  
Washington must let him open a military base in Miami if the United  
States wants to keep using an air base on Ecuador's Pacific coast.

Correa has refused to renew Washington's lease on the Manta air base,  
set to expire in 2009. U.S. officials say it is vital for counter- 
narcotics surveillance operations on Pacific drug-running routes.

"We'll renew the base on one condition: that they let us put a base  
in Miami - an Ecuadorean base," Correa said in an interview during a  
trip to Italy.

"If there's no problem having foreign soldiers on a country's soil,  
surely they'll let us have an Ecuadorean base in the United States."

The U.S. embassy to Ecuador says on its Web site that anti-narcotics  
flights from Manta gathered information behind more than 60 percent  
of illegal drug seizures on the high seas of the Eastern Pacific last  

It offers a fact-sheet on the base at: http://ecuador.usembassy.gov/ 

Correa, a popular leftist economist, had promised to cut off his arm  
before extending the lease that ends in 2009 and has called U.S.  
President George W. Bush a "dimwit".

But Correa, an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, told Reuters  
he believed relations with the United States were "excellent" despite  
the base closing.

He rejected the idea that the episode reflected on U.S. ties at all.

"This is the only North American military base in South America," he  

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