[Marxism] The State of Official Marxism in China Today

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Wed Oct 24 23:11:23 MDT 2007

Oh so complex a matter. Here are my thoughts:

Did Marx argue that capitalism can be progressive? Of course. Did he 
argue that capitalism can be progressive even after the total abolition 
of feudalism? Perhaps. Did he argue that it can't be? Perhaps, but only 
later (i.e., after the 'Manifesto). Importantly and quite relevantly, 
did he argue that there can be a revolutionary working class resistance 
from the very beginning? Absolutely. Did he even say that a working 
class revolution can or should be successful? Indeed (I THINK).

Okay, then. Was the Chinese Communist revolution truly a working class 
revolution? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Was the leadership truly Marxist? I 
think so, yes - even if you believe it was a degenerate form, due to 
it's ostensible basis in Stalinism (or some other reason). Was a true 
transition to socialism, skipping capitalism, actually possible? It 
could be legitimately argued with way. Personally, I believe that, if it 
WAS at all possible, it would have required the success of the Cultural 
Revolution, which was obviously not what happened.

Did the leadership - i.e., the state - remain Marxist? An interesting 
question, really the most important one in this debate that's raging. 
Here, furthermore, are my thoughts on the matter:

Perhaps the leadership has come to believe in an arguably genuine 
interpretation of Marxism, that believes that capitalism plays a 
necessary role in the progression towards socialism, that it truly 
cannot be skipped. Perhaps, right or wrong, it remains, at least in 
intention, truly Marxist.

Finally, my ultimate point: Is is not possible that China can be a 
capitalist nation ruled by a Marxist state that believes that the 
nurturing of capitalism is the way forward? I mean, personally, I don't 
believe that that's the case but is it not a legitimately arguable 
opinion? I think so. At the very least, it's a respectable one.

What cannot possible true, no matter what is that, though, at the very 
least, the government or *something* may be *called* MARXIST, nothing in 
China can be called SOCIALIST. A strange idea, to be sure. But Lord 
knows the interactions between capitalism and socialism have produced 
many insane results no one managed to predict over the last century or 
even longer.

Okay, there's another question: what is a Marxist/communist to support? 
I recall Lou stating that he's a communist - his object is to support 
socialism over capitalism, period. That's a good point. But that's a 
matter I'm not going to get into here. I, however, don't discourage it's 

-Jeffrey "curious communist" Piercy

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