[Marxism] Vietnam Accepts Challenges and Moves Forward

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Thu Oct 25 10:42:50 MDT 2007

23 October, 2007

Vietnam Accepts Challenges and Moves Forward

Interview with To Huy Rua, member of the Central Committee
Secretariat of the Vietnamese Communist Party


photo: Arnaldo Santos"The Vietnamese have a feeling of gratitude and
friendship with the Cuban people, who have always supported and
helped us both in times of war and in the building of socialism,"
said To Huy Rua, a member of the Central Committee Secretariat of the
Vietnamese Communist Party, in an interview with Granma newspaper.

"We will continue to collaborate with Cuba. We are convinced that,
under the leadership of the Cuban Communist Party, Fidel and Raul,
the Cuban people will overcome difficulties and further development,
to maintain Cuba as an example of the building of socialism," added
Huy Rua.

What has impressed you most during your stay on the island?

We are pleased to see the accomplishments, and the social and
political stability in Cuba.

We have been briefed on the current debate taking place based on the
call put forth by Party Second Secretary and Army General Raul Castro
for citizens to express their opinions on how to advance socialism in
the country's economic, social and institutional structures.

We know that Cuba still faces many difficulties; a large part of them
due to the US blockade.


The [July 26, 2007] speech by comrade Raul Castro about this battle
is very clear in pointing out that deficiencies, mistakes and other
negative tendencies must be eradicated while adopting efficient
measures to boost production and economic development.

With these discussions, the people are not only voicing their
opinions but also suggesting proposals and initiatives to deal with
difficulties. The Party can use these to draw up related policies.

It is a democratic process that also makes the people feel more
responsible with the direction the country takes.

Could you explain some aspects of how your country is positioned in a
globalized world?

Vietnam's participation in the international arena is continually
growing; for example, we were just elected as a non-permanent member
of the United Nations Security Council.

The government and the Communist Party of my country understand very
well that along with the positive aspects, globalization has also
brought challenges and negative aspects. But we have accepted the
challenges and are advancing the country.

With an independent and autonomous foreign policy with which Vietnam
wants to have friendly relations with all countries, we believe in
global integration in all fields, economic, cultural and social.
Accordingly, our insertion in the world has obtained positive

We have attracted more foreign investment, which reached $12 billion
US in 2006 and this year will reach $13 billion US. By way of foreign
investment, we have taken advantage of state-of-the-art technology,
credits and business administration experience, and have been able to
expand our export market.

What is the level of participation of Vietnamese young people in the
process of building socialism?

We are aware of the important role of young people in any country.
That's why the 10th Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party
dedicated a good part of its work to the youth. The congress
emphasized the need to make the organization politically,
organizationally and ideologically strong; and to bring together all
the youth sectors, including students of all ages, to educate them in
the ideals and objectives of building socialism.

With this spirit, the Vietnamese communist youth have done a lot in
the employment, education, and science and technology sectors. These
young people are building the present and planning the future.

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