[Marxism] Class nature of Chinese state, and class nature

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 20:57:18 MDT 2007

Hi everybody: The conversation about China is interesting, but it raises some questions that I have been thinking about  for a long time, and have not brought up on this list.

The category "workers state" which is often used on this list, and which descends from Trotsky's writings, and which was used in discussion in the Third International...does not seem to describe anything that ever was very real, or at least not ever very precisely defined. Plus it excludes some other interesting phenomena.

I think we might want to start talking about "revolutionary states", rather than workers' states. 

The Soviet Union was, and China, Viet Nam, Cuba, Korea, and Venezuela, ARE revolutionary states. So was Mexico after 1910. So was France until the defeat of Napolean.  

Social revolutions, by workers and other oppressed people, create revolutionary states. The working class does not always, or even usually, lead in these process despite the wishful thinking of most Marxists including Marx. Russia in 1917 was the exception, not the rule. At least until now.

All the best, Anthony

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