[Marxism] We Have Been Here Before

Ethan Young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 26 22:26:03 MDT 2007

With respect to Robert Weil, author of 'We Have Been Here Before: The Cultural  Revolution in Historic Perspective in the Global Struggle for Socialism', he overlooks the impact of the two foreign policies that emerged in the Cultural Revolution period under Mao's leadership. Just before and during the period when Lin Piao was vice chairman, the PRC tried to balance hostility to the USSR as a world power with support for liberation movements that relied on Soviet aid (principally Vietnam). In the years between the deaths of Lin and Mao, the PRC turned away from these movements and sought an alliance with the US against the Soviets. Supporters/followers of this line demanded that all would-be anti-imperialists choose between the PRC and the USSR. Whatever the Cultural Revolution meant for the 'global struggle for socialism,' in concrete terms its external manifestations created serious problems for the ongoing global struggle against imperialism.

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