[Marxism] (no subject)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 28 16:37:10 MDT 2007

Jon Flanders wrote:
> Well you wrote a very good article on the Alliance for Progress that I
> used in a discussion group recently.
> Personally I don't care what variety of radical you were then. You did
> some good work. 

I should mention that Horowitz is not subbed to Marxmail. He wrote that 
clarification about not being a Trotskyist to the list address that 
bounced to me because he is not subbed. I decided to release it to the 
list because it is of some interest. On one level, it is another sign of 
Cockburn's declining powers that he failed to designate Horowitz's past 
correctly. I never would have described him as a Trotskyist even if he 
had edited something by Deutscher. Finally, on the peculiarity of 
Horowitz following discussions here. I suspect that Michael Pugliese, 
the amateur snitch and neoconservative wannabe, probably made him aware 
of the discussion just as he used to forward stuff to Stephen Schwartz, 
who is also attacked by Cockburn in the same article.

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