[Marxism] Two short notes from today's WSJ

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 29 04:56:50 MDT 2007

Increasing Isolation in Gaza 

The isolation of Hamas-ruled Gaza is increasing with Israel's
decision to reduce the amount of fuel flowing across the border in
response to rocket attacks from the Palestinian territory. The
Palestinian Fuel Authority in Gaza said the shortfall in fuel
supplies was noticeable, but there was sufficient fuel in Gaza Strip
storage for a further four days, Haaretz reports. The move puts added
pressure on the struggling economy of Gaza. Already, only limited
supplies of basic goods are allowed to the territory, and all exports
of produce are prohibited, the New York Times notes. In addition,
hundreds of factories, producing mostly textiles and furniture, have
been closed, adding as many as 70,000 jobless private-sector workers
in the region, the Los Angeles Times says. An Israeli plan to disrupt
Gaza's electricity supply so far hasn't been implemented, stymied in
part by a petition to Israel's High Court of Justice by the
Arab-Israeli legal advocacy center Adalah. In response to the
petition, Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz was set to meet Defense
Ministry representatives to work out a formula to reduce the supply
of services to Gaza without the move being defined as "collective
punishment," the Jerusalem Post says.

* * *

 And a Diplomatic Push by Israel

Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is lobbying China to
use its influence to help curb Iran's nuclear program. During a visit
to Beijing, Ms. Livni encouraged China to support stronger sanctions
against Iran, telling a group of students and academics at People's
University of China: "The nature of sanctions can only work if it is,
and if they are, concrete, important to the other side and being
taken by the international community in consensus," Reuters reports.
Ms. Livni's trip is part of a diplomatic effort by Israel to drum up
support for its stance against Iran and continues on from Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert's recent visits to Moscow, Paris and London,
Haaretz notes.

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