[Marxism] The Class Nature of the Chinese State.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at antares.com.br
Mon Oct 29 05:58:19 MDT 2007


China's GDP in 2006 was just over 2
trillion dollars. Compare that to the GDP of the US at just under 13 
China's economy is growing at a faster rate than any other economy, only
because  it started further back. Its economic role in global terms lies  in
providing a source of cheap labour and resources for western 
multinationals. The
IMF and the World Bank are US controlled, the dollar remains  the 
reserve currency, and the US spends more on defense than its  next ten
competitors combined. How many major corporations are Chinese?

In fact, the fast pace of Chinese industrialization is a typical 
case-history of what Trotsky named, in his opening chapter of _History of 
the Russian Revolution_, "advantages of backwardness", a situation in which 
the "advantages" (selection of the speediest pace avaliable) only make sense 
in terms of the previous backwardness. The fact that Japan, for instance, 
cannot attain today Chinese GDP growth rates  is a tell-tale sign of the 
imperialist maturity of the Japanese economy...


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