[Marxism] October 27 Anti-War marches

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 29 08:11:21 MDT 2007

For a collection of local news coverage (5 different channels) of the San 
Francisco march, see the YouTube video I put together:


San Francisco was a solid 30,000, counted by three different people at three 
different times and locations (number of people passing per minute=700-800 x 40 
minutes march length). The most significant thing that's missing from the news 
coverage, which I actually had in an earlier version of the video using my own 
footage but then it got bumped because of the 10-minute YouTube limitation, was 
the huge (thousands strong) union contingent, 5 or 6 (at least) organized union 
contingents. The last channel in the video (Ch. 2) actually shows it a bit (not 
the size), but doesn't explain what it's showing; it's the start of that 
segment. Not unprecedented on a historical scale, of course, but definitely 
something that hasn't happened in quite a while.

Also new a large contingent of Ron Paul supporters with LARGE signs, much larger 
than the Kucinich crowd which was not organized and just a person here and there.

ANSWER has a good roundup of reports from some of the demonstrations here:


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