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EPAs will destroy African economies - German NGOs
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PARIS - The joint strike action by French and German railways workers Oct.  
18 disguises wide differences in approach to industrial action in the two  
countries: In France, strike is a constitutional right invoked regularly by  
unions to force through their demands, or to protest against government or  
corporate measures that may restrict social achievements. In Germany strikes are  
used much less. 
(http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=39763) >
COLOMBIA: War Orphans Sound Alert on Paramilitary Candidates -
"The  parapolitics scandal has new names," said the Daughters and Sons for 
Memory and  Against Impunity movement, which warned that paramilitary groups 
will meddle in  Sunday’s local and regional elections in Colombia.
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US-IRAQ: Ill-Equipped Soldiers Opt for "Search and Avoid"
Dahr Jamail
Iraq war veterans now stationed at a base here say  that morale among U.S. 
soldiers in the country is so poor, many are simply  parking their Humvees and 
pretending to be on patrol, a practice dubbed "search  and avoid" missions.
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