[Marxism] Nicaraguan employers... "Ortega more like Lula than Chavez"(3)

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Mon Oct 29 20:41:37 MDT 2007

Well, we will see, I said, arguing with my wife about Ortega (she trusts
him about as far as she can throw him)...

We feel comfortable with the government; Ortega is more like Lula than he
is like Chavez, say businessmen

October 29, 2007

The employers say they are comfortable with the government of Daniel
Ortega, who they state is implementing policies more akin to those of
Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva than those of venezuelan
President Hugo Chávez.

Relationships between the government and private enterprise are harmonious
and mutually collaborative, and in this sense, "this government is more
similar to that of [Lula] than to that of [Chavez]," Raul Amador,
president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce, told foreign


Fuente: Agencia AFP. Desde Managua.

[Nicaraguan] Government cedes to the IMF and the Nicaraguan Energy
Institute authorizes brutal blow to the popular economy
October 29, 2007

The Board of Directors of the Nicaraguan Energy Institute (INE) authorized
an increase in electric rates, effective as of November 1...

Apparently, these are part of the agreement reached by the Sandinista
government with the International Monetary Fund and the electrical
industry in an effort to try to reduce the the large financial deficit in
that sector...


Fuente: Informe Pastrán

Survivors of Nemagón, the poison that keeps killing
by Gabriela Selser Ventura [Gregorio Selser's daughter -- MF]

October 29, 2007

For 22 years, Alejandra Quintanilla harvested plantains on farms in
Chinandega, in northwestern Nicaragua. Today, at 54, she knows -- together
with 12,000 other former banana farm workers poisoned by the pesticide
Nemagon, that her days are numbered.


They filed 132 suits against the companies that distribute the lethal
insecticide, including Standard Fruit, Dole and Shell, but the lawsuits
fell before the power of ther transnationals and the bad faith of their

"We no longer have any hope in the suits, the only solution open to us is
to negotiate," explained Victorino Espinales, leader of the Movement of
Nemagon Victims.


The former FSLN guerrilla accused President Daniel Ortega of ignoring the
agreement signed by his predecessor Enrique Bolanos to provide 1.6 million
dollars for medical attention to those affected by Nemagon.

The same agreement obliges the government to provide $2.7 million to
reforest and decontaminate the rivers and water sources in that
pesticide-saturated region.

"Daniel Ortega says that he is under no obligation to fulfill the
agreement because he didn't sign it. But, he feels free to proclaim "arise
ye wretched of the earth" and "the people is president," affirms
Espinales, alluding to the government's slogans.


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Fuente: Agencia DPA. Desde Managua.

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