[Marxism] Big Bird for president

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Oct 30 08:37:02 MDT 2007

But Big Bird would not be supportable.  "Bird" is an innately classless
self-definition and "Big" implies an acceptance of hierarchy and status, as
do feathers. Shouldn't the Left hold out for a fictional character that
actually uses class terms?

And, if that, shouldn't they also call for "a labor party"?
No...wait...make that "a workers' party"!

Even then, workers' candidates calling for workers to vote for a workers
party with a workers' platform would be meaningless unless they called for
the overthrow of capitalism.  No...ait...that's too vague...they should have
to call for socialism.

Still, even then, socialists usually don't support socialists against the
candidates of the capitalist parties unless they're the right stripe of


PS: There is also the Colbert bandwagon.  After all, a vote for Steven
Colbert is much more likely to get counted than a vote for Nader.

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