[Marxism] Was Argentina a revolutionary state under the first Peron government? And Naser?

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 10:21:28 MDT 2007

2007/10/30, Anthony Boynton <northbogota at yahoo.com>:
> Thank you Nestor for this important piece of history.
> "What happened later is known. A nationalist, industrialist wing of the
> Armed Forces, under the quite autocratic guidance of Juan Perón,
> started to grab the main areas of government. When, on September 1945,
> the imperialist bloc attempted, under the unenlightened lead of the
> bullying USAmerican Ambassador Spruille Braden (whose name has become
> an acronym for "diplomatic idiocy, rashness and lack of understanding"
> both in Argentina and -Britain), a massive march was organized against
> this wing, and it seemed to have been lost. Perón himself began to
> consider retiring to some quite barren lands he owned in Patagonia.
> "But at the same time, Perón had been establishing strong links with
> the working class leadership. So that in 16 and 17 October 1945, a
> popular uprising all over the country, where the workers went to
> strike and eventually took the streets of Buenos Aires, the alliance
> took shape in action. The nationalist military and the workers on the
> streets launched Peronism and created the historic Perón.
> "Not too different from what happened on April 2002 in Venezuela."
> I am open to the idea, but am still thinking about it, that Argentina
> during the first government of Peron was a revolutionary state. If this is true,
> as you believe, what happened next?

Well, what happened next was long and complex, but just for you to
know , Anthony, since you are living where you are living, the first
public record of some Fidel Castro Ruz as a dangerous agitator in the
CIA files is that of a "Peronist student" who had attended to the
Congress of Latin American Students that had been organized with
strong backing from Peronism in Bogotá, exactly by the days when
Gaitán was murdered, the Bogotazo took place and this Castro hid away
from the killers in the Arg Embassy. This has been revealed by Rogelio
García Lupo, one of the founders of Prensa Latina.

> And what about Naser? Were there similar revolutionary events in Egypt which
> placed Naser's group in power?
> Forgive my ignorance, and or forgetfulness.
> Anthony
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