[Marxism] Respect in split

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 21:49:24 MDT 2007

	I think it was American SWP founder James P. Cannon who said that in
politics you often find two reasons why people do things. One is the "good"
reason. The other, the *real* reason.

	The resignation of four of the 11 Respect members of the Tower
Hamlets Council from Respect is one such case. The four say it's because of
the bad leadership of the current head of the Respect caucus in the council.
The British SWP --which is backing them to the hilt-- presents this as the
cause of the split. 

	`Not a single "for instance" was brought forward to illustrate this
lack of leadership. No explanation AT ALL of why the walkout now, as opposed
to four weeks ago, or four weeks from now. The SWP is completely mum on the
*politics* of the resignations, while backing the action, and insisting that
despite the resignation of the four from Respect's caucus, and their
creation of a separate caucus called "Independent Respect," the four are
still members of the (real) Respect.

	The proffered reason makes no sense. Especially not two or three
weeks before the national conference that the SWP is where the dispute
should be democratically settled. Because the perfectly foreseeable result
of the walkout is to maximize tensions and cloud all political discussion
with organizational charges and counter-charges.

	The walkout *at this moment* by the four was --blatantly-- a
deliberate provocation, and behind it quite obviously was the SWP's
leadership. If they had not been behind it, if this had not been their
chosen tactic, then they would have tried to prevent it, and distanced
themselves from it and tried to heal it if it nevertheless took place.

	So what is the REAL reason for this? 


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