[Marxism] Respect in split

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Wed Oct 31 00:38:16 MDT 2007

Lenin's Tomb:
Actually, *no one* has claimed that these people are rightists: this is  one
of many straw men that are under awesome attack daily.  Some of  those
supporting Galloway have serious disagreements with the SWP's  perspective on
this dispute, some have other reasons for supporting  him.  However, the
people who have lined up behind Galloway have to  consider that his initial
intervention was not sparked by their concerns, but  by the decision by the
SWP to support the candidacy of Sultana Begum, rather  than the local
community activist Harun Miah.  This reflects not an  organisational problem,
nor a problem with the National Secretary, but a  problem with the SWP's
perspective, in which class politics rather than  'community' mobilisation
was the best way for Respect to remain a distinctive  alternative to New
Chris Bambery wrote in his piece that Galloway and his faction are trying  to 
drive the Left out of Respect. Therefore, it follows that everyone who has  
lined up on Galloway's side is of the same mind, at least according to the 
logic  of Bambery's statement. If not, please provide me with the 'other reasons' 
you  ascribe to people like Loach, Brittain, et al for lining up against the  
leadership of the SWP. Respect was never a class based formation, so I'm 
afraid  the attempt by you and the SWP to retrospectively demand that it be so now 
for  the purposes of the current dispute is disingenuous. The SWP have done a  
one-eighty, whereby now they are subtly counterpoising the Muslim vote to the 
 working class where before the two were compatible.
The truth is that the CC of the SWP have demonstrated astounding hubris and  
arrogance in the way they have handled this. They, and this I have found to be 
 congenital condition within the SWP, really do believe that they are the  
gatekeepers of Marxist theory and tactics. Your slur re Galloway's support of  
the Soviet Union is an example of this, indicative as it is of a lack of  
understanding of the role of material conditions in determining what our tactics  
should be. The SWP organise as if the revolution is just around the corner in  
the UK, as if all it will take to spark that revolution is the handing out of 
20  more leaflets or the selling of another 10 newspapers. The idea that 
Respect  could survive, let alone prosper, as an electoral front was always a  
non-starter. Elections are won and lost based on what you do in communities  
between them, not in a three month run up. The contradiction inherent in a  
vanguard formation within a wider coalition cannot be bridged. It simply  cannot.
Now it appear that the SWP are set on an objective of wrecking Respect  
rather than splitting. Such a course will damage the SWP more than it will  


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