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Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Wed Oct 31 10:42:56 MDT 2007

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 18:20:26 EDT, Jscotlive at aol.com wrote:

> I was a member of the Scottish Socialist Party,  
> another united Left formation that split. 
> There have been problems recently with united Left formations 
> in Italy and France, and now Respect in England is in  
> crisis. 

> This is no coincidence. It isn't the forces involved 
> that are at fault as much as the concept, 
> which I think is flawed. 

  A political party is a tool for a given social class to exercise state 
power, based on a specific program for this task, i.e. it is based on a 
coherent set of ideas of what to do with state power and in which class' 

  When there is no consensus on this, the party will fail and fall 

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:49:25 +1100, Tom O'Lincoln wrote:

> Personally I think these ventures "keep going kerblooey" 
> because they are based on wish-fulfilment rather than 
> realistic assessments. 
> In our case, the ISO thought it could regroup disillusioned Labor 
voters, and the DSP thought it could re-group the left. 
> Neither was realistic. The disillusioned Labor voters [in Australia]
> went to the Greens, as one might expect. The broad run of activists 
> looked at the unity proposal, and thought they could spy lurking 
> behind it a plan for DSP hegemony  -- also as one might expect.

  It is not only that, but also the vain hope that some larger force may 
do what the small party caucus has not been able to do: to build a 
"real", i.e. a mass party, trying to do it by proxy, and cut corners. 

  I have seen such efforts so often here in Germany by my former 
comrades of the German section of the Fourth International - clutching 
at each straw which might carry them to the other coast, that of the 
masses. But shortcuts very often lead into dead alleys, and in class 
politics even more so. There is no alternative to the stubborn and 
tedious work of patiently explaining and being part of all struggles 
which have a chance to provide experiences that, yes, another world is 
possible and we, the working people, have the means and the power to 
build it. 

  Just like the "war to end all wars" lead into decades of bloody wars, 

> So in the end the plan to "end all those silly left squabbles" 
> resulted in a new round of silly left squabbles, offering subject 
> matter for a new round of "what went wrong" chat on Marxmail. 

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