[Marxism] Respect split

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 20:07:36 MDT 2007

From: Louis Proyect 
> Tom, my goal right now is to wean people away
> from sectarianism, not to launch a new party.
> I believe that we are in a preparatory period
> right now and the emphasis must be on political
> clarification. I am content to keep explaining
> how my approach differs from that of groups
> like the British SWP or the Australian DSP in
> the hopes that people will not waste their time
> like I did in the 1960s with something like the
> American SWP.

Well, here's the problem. "Your approach" is
essentially hypothetical. You are counterposing an
abstraction to what people are trying to do in the
Real World(tm), and lambasting them when they aren't
able to live up to your expectations, or agree to your

But the problem is precisely that your model hasn't
been reality-checked. It is *impossible* to live up to
your expectations, because the latter aren't grounded
in reality.

In short, you've fallen into an idealist trap.

Unfortunately, it's likely that "when a new
radicalization develops" whatever forces actually
emerge aren't going to be able to live to your
expectations either. Then you'll either have to deal
with it, or become like the SLP yourself.

Alan Bradley 

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